Shoyoroll Batch 79 80'z • White • A3 • BRAND NEW

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Shoyoroll Batch #79: 80'z, White, size A3. Brand New In Bag (BNIB). See our other items for more Shoyoroll and Albino and Preto gear.

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We hope this holiday season has been great thus far. As 2017 comes to a close, we would like to THANK YOU all for your countless support this past year. With that said, we have an exclusive GÜMA release set for you. Batch #79 80'z Kimono is inspired by those who have inspired us to be the raddest we can be and to charge until our last breathe.

We were the kids wanting to be like the raddest 80’s kids from the Surf, Skate, and Scrap cultures. This same generation of rebel influences helped mold us into who we are today and taught us to chase what we love, forever.

Release Info
Top: Pearl Weave Cotton
Pants: Twill Cotton
Color: White

Original: December 29, 2017 at 4:00 PM PST
Vault: November 23, 2018