Albino and Preto JWSF Herringbone Belt • Black • A2 • BRAND NEW

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Albino and Preto JWSF Herringbone Belt, Black, size A2. Brand New In Bag (BNIB). See our other items for more Shoyoroll and Albino and Preto gear.

Albino and Preto. White and Black. This is the Journey We Stand For. From beginning to an everlasting end, that’s what Jiu-Jitsu is. Once you begin your journey, what happens along the way is what counts. From training, to life on and off the mat and back again are moments made that remind us and allow us to aspire to reach our goals. For this next drop we give you the JWSF Belt.

The JWSF (Journey We Stand For) Belt serves as a milestone for each of us, no matter what chapter of the journey we’re on. It’s for everyone of every rank. For the black belts, as a reminder of the path they’ve taken and for the colored belts working toward their goal of reaching black belt.

The JWSF Belt will be available only in black and is constructed of herringbone material. Each stitch down the length will be of the colors of the BJJ belt ranks from white to black. This is our journey.

• 13 stitches
• Double cotton core
• 10oz Herringbone outer fabric
• Handmade and imported

Belt Sizing:

A0 - 97in / 246.4cm
A1 - 100in / 254cm
A2 - 111in / 281.9cm
A3 - 121in / 307.3cm
A4 - 130in / 330.2cm
A5 - 144in / 365.8cm