Albino and Preto Corduroy • Unbleached • A2 • BRAND NEW

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Albino and Preto Corduroy, Unbleached, size A2. Brand New In Bag (BNIB). See our other items for more Shoyoroll and Albino and Preto gear.

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The Corduroy Kimono utilizes corduroy fabric, a heavy duty material, originating from the 19th century. Throughout the years it's been used in apparel and it's popularity has been revived several times. Corduroy was originally used by factory workers because of its hard-wearing nature, then later used on military uniforms during World War II. Today, we bring it back to you with our uniform, the Corduroy Kimono.

The design incorporates corduroy material on the front and back skirt of the 450 gsm pearl weave top. The Novo pants are made of cotton twill and feature a pearl weave gusset along with corduroy knee pads. Embroidery accents are clean and minimal with the A&P Mark logos on both sleeves of the top and the left shin of the pants. Also included, will be a corduroy knapsack to match.

Release Info
Top: 450-gram Pearl Weave
Pants: 10 oz. Cotton
Color: Unbleached, Black

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